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I'm learning - where to start?


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So I have my Pineapple Nano updated and powered up. I have my pineapple juice 4000 charged up and ready to rock, as well as backup battery pack with solar panel. I'm ready to dig in and start learning but I have no clue where to start. Here is my current setup.


Pineapple Nano setup with managment network broadcasting, and the open network not broadcasting.

The pineapple connects to my wireless hotspot via wlan2 using the adapter i got with the tactical package

I connect to the pineapple nano using a spare nexus 5 running nethunter by connecting to the managment network

64GB class 10 SD is installed in the nano and already formatted. 


What do you guys suggest I start with? Just looking to educate myself for now, then use the nano to help educate others.

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2 hours ago, woundedoutlaw said:

Anyone know if there is a wifite module avaliable anywhere for the nano? I think that would be a pretty sweet module to have.

you can ssh in and install it and run it from there, there's another post on the forum explaining that already somewhere


As for where to start, read/search over the forums tons of people have already got a lot of neat projects going on and you can gather ideas that way.  Otherwise, install some modules google the names and you'll learn how to configure/use them.  that should get you off to a pretty good start.

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Why don't you try out the occupineapple feature. It lets you broadcast a ton of SSIDS at once, and can be quite funny in the right setting.

Randomroll via Pineap is amusing when you make your own. For example, I made a randomroll that loads porn audio, then you hear "Hey everyone! I'm looking at porn in public!" lol. Ever see someone try to smother their own phone because they're panicking and can't think to just "turn the volume down" lloll

If you want to get a little more serious without much knowledge, you can spike a landing page with BEEF via kali linux.

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Wifite works on the Pineapple. Just use SSH.
Just make sure you to install python correctly. I get issues sometimes on the Nano, because the pre-installed python is installed internally, and it messes up a lot with the sd-card.
The solution for me was to just delete the "/usr/lib/python2.7" directory, then re-install python through opkg, BUT make sure it gets installed to the SD-card (opkg install --dest sd)
After installing it again, i make a sym-link from /sd/usr/lib/python2.7 -> /usr/lib/python2.7  = works.

When using wifite2, make sure to install "coreutils-stty".
But i generally recommend wifite-ng. It runs smooth. :)

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