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magstripe reader writer freeware? free-WHERE??


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I know, it's taboo what I'm searching for, but such is the life we live... Moving on.

I have a generic usb card reader/writer by Magtek. I'd really like to learn-by-play with some reader/writer software, but I'm REALLY struggling to find something that is free, or completely infected with malware...

I'd like to add that I chose to pose this in the Hak5 forums, because I honestly have good intentions and am entirely against fraud, theft, carding etc I just want to toy around with a software with a decent GUI and works for windows. I've browsed GitHub, Sourceforge and others but can't find anything other than "Common Thief MSR" which did it's job, but not enough past decoding my card.

Please help guide me in the right direction!

Thanks in advance...

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