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Single board computer Suggession for DataLogger display


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hello dear experts - good day
I am an embedded developer mainly worked on non OS programming.
Now I need to develop a project where I have to aquire data from differnet chanels and show the as bar graph and all. No high speed aqusition or processing is needed. Read some currents, voltages and show as bar graph and tabular data. the data aqusition and processing part is not a problem for me. I had external hardware from where I will read data using RS485 or CAN bus to this SBC and show it.
The UI part means this Graph ands all, I am planning to do on a linux based SBC which can drive a approximately 8" LCD with Touch screen. On this part I have no idea about the capability of the hardware I need to show a smooth display. Cost is also an issue, the SBC should be arounf $60 -$70 to fit in the budget at the max.
can I get some suggessions regarding the SBC I should look for to relaize the project?

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Since you're currently completely in the dark either find *any* SBC to see how close you get to where you want. Once you know the performance you need you can assess which board would be (more) sufficient for this task. For ease of development I would start with a Pi. (Arduino would be better-suited for ease of low-level development, but if you're worried about performance the Pi is a more potent device).

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years ago I started with a raspi and was disappointed about the performance when it comes to data acquisition and quasi rt processing. Things improved a bit with the later rasping models. 
Then I switched to Odroid U3 and C1 using Ubuntu on a 64G EMMC and experienced the real difference. 
Price wise it slightly exceeds your budget because of the 79 Euro for the EMMC, however if a 16g EMMC suits you needs HW & OS will cost you about 80 Euros. 
You have a 1.6 V I2C and gpio's on board that might cause additional costs for a voltage converter interfacing your peripheral devices.

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There are couple of SBC's which are based on Freescale SoC, I would recommend Graperain desgin single board computer which is off-the-shelf embedded platform that consists of a compute system on module and a carrier board. The platform can be scaled up to accommodate future requirements by switching to another pin-compatible COM based on latest processors. You can choose any system on module and a compatible carrier board, to create a customized SBC that is tuned to your needs. These platforms can be used for both engineering development and mass-production.

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