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Does anyone have the nano running as it should be?


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I mean

Not getting stuck while scanning wifi networks. 
With clients not losing connectivity all the time
SD Card reads all the time
Broadcast SSID Pool all the time not just a few minutes

Or it's just me?? I already reset, format, reboot many times, checked all the instructions, I'm pretty sure is not an user problem

I wished i read the post from this forum before i bought the nano elite, it seems like many users have the same problem, so far is just an expensive brick.


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Just now, Houdini77 said:

No problems here.

Works 100%

Are you sure you're supplying enough power?

The Nano will act wonky if there's not enough power going to it

I tried with the battery that comes with the nano kit, plugged with my computer and with the wall outlet using the cable that comes with the nano. What other options do i have?

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no, not completely, definitely not as it seems Houdini's works. each firmware version has made it less functional to the point of where it's now sitting on a shelf unused.

no matter what power source i use, pineap doesn't function as intended... and if i use a single module, it's done for at 100% cpu until i pull the plug.

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I was broadcasting Hakshop updates as ssids for the last couple days at Derbycon just fine.  Had to have it plugged into my laptop for power though.  The battery caused garbled ssids, but I'm guessing since I had a secondary wifi card attached that was causing the problem.

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