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I need a lil help with this..


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Hi guys i'm looking for a fast way to redirect all http traffic to my website, i tried with the "landing page" option where you can write your own php script. I wrote a simple php script that redirects automatically to my website but when i connect then to a spoofed wifi network i get a server error whenever i try to visit some http website.
The error says something like this "too many redirects" and so i can't be able to see my website. 

Can you guys help me to fix this little thing? :) 

Thanks! :happy:

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It would probably help us help you if we could see this simple redirection script you wrote.
As something must clearly be happening that triggers that specific error message. How exactly are you redirecting?

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Okay guys i think i found the problem here... mine is an http website, and the "Landing Page" just redirects every http website to another page, in this case the other page is my http website.. so it's everything a loop.

Any idea to fix this issue? 

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ok i managed to fix it by myself :) since i had my website on a localhost i portforwarded the port and then changed the website address with the ip address+port.

BTW with landing page and evil portal when i try to connect to one of my spoofed wifi networks i always get the "sign in to WI-FI network" message on my android phone showing me this annoying blank page (take a look at the pic).

Is there any way to turn this request off? (the only way i know is by turning off evil portal or Landing Page :P )



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