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Aircrack handshake issues


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So I was messing with Kali and reviewing everything again making sure it all works before my upcoming business trip and airodump is having issues. I start with ifconfig to bring down the wireless card change the mac then use iwconfig to put it in monitor mode and ifconfig to bring it back up. I then ran airodump against my router and aireplay to de-auth another computer. No matter how many deauth attempts I send though I dont get a handshake but I watch the other computer lose connection and then connect back but no handshake. I know this works on my router as I have done it before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Are you sniffing on the right channel? Have you tried running wireshark and watching for EAPOL packets to see what happens during the deauth/auth?


And why do you need to know how to get handshakes for a business trip?

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I do not need to know I was testing various tools prior and found that one not working right. I am definitely on the right channel. I dis not rin wireshark as my daughter was watching netflix so there would be a lot of traffic. I will set up a seperate router with only two computers and run witeshark to see what I get

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