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bulldozer literally bulldozed my nano


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As the titled stated, I have been having issues with mac setup so i finally just booted up the nanot on my win 10 machine at work and at home. took a few tries but was able to update, everything seemed fine was able to get started on a few projects for work but was noticing it would drop in the middle of scans and or would just freeze. restarted it see if that helped and it went full potato, so i decide to reset it, which resulted in the led not to show anymore. So i unplugged the Nano from the pc for about 5 min and then performed a factory reset ( held the reset and booted still held for 10 seconds changed the ip then went to  the 192 url. I have let it run for about 10 min and i am now seeing a yellow light on the pineapple nano, what to do i do? Save me obi-wan your my only hope...

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