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Using nano while charging the battery (Pineapple juice 4000 )


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I don't believe any of the pineapple juices are even capable of that.  Very few battery packs have the ability to do passthrough charging and if you find one that does you are normally paying a premium for it or it's one that supports charging laptop-like jacks with 12/16/18v options etc.  I have several batteries and the only one that supports passthrough is the largest one that has the ability to charge laptop-like jacks.

Actually here's a post from Darren confirming that fact:


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I have had one or two of these and it was nice but again it costs. For the same price you can find one that you can double the capacity on it and not have the pass threw or you can get the pass threw and have half the battery. I got a 12,000 one from walmart for $35 because it has the built in plug for the wall. Its not pass threw but for long uses it will last a good 7-8 hours no problem. 

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41 minutes ago, leozurick said:

mmm you would need a expensive battery to do that,  but i'm pretty sure it won't fit on the tactical case. It would be interesting to get something that last 8 or 10 hours

mine last 3.30hs, sometimes 4 hours


If you want a battery that lasts longer and fits in the tatical case for the nano, I found this one that I'm really liking:

It's 5000 maH and I can get about 6-8 hours usage out of it, depending on what I'm using the nano for.  It doesn't have passthrough charging still though.

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44 minutes ago, yonomas said:


it says  22000mAh, that would be....... 10 hours using the nano? Not sure if fits in the tatical case for the nano,

That won't fit in the nano tactical case, a little long and far too thick.

But if it's actually 22000mAH, you'll get far more usage than 10 hours with the nano (it looks like 10 hours was the time it takes to charge the battery pack itself, which is resonable for that size).  My 5000mAH I referenced gets guaranteed 5 hours of usage, so a 22000mAH should be at least 20 hours of usage if not more.  Rav is generally reputable battery maker, but if you read over that battery thread Darren commented on that i referenced, you'll see a lot of battery manufacturers out-right lying about that mAH number and you won't really know until you can test it yourself.

I trust Anker the most as far as battery packs go (I have a lot of them and have tested several brand names over the years), so if you want one about that size I would recommend this one:

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