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Wifi Pineapple V not capturing anything

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hi anyone know why pineapple wifi mark MK5, ver 2.4.0 not capturing anything on sslstrip. I am not talking about the username or password, i know sslstrip don't work but it don't even display anything like pages i visit .. i have installed the module and enabled it. it show sslstrip running but nothing is displaying/capturing nothing is showing up.

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On 06/10/2016 at 2:56 AM, mojo0243 said:

Most ssl secure sites have defeated the what sslstrip used to do rendering it useless and since it cant break the ssl it wont display anything. 

The implementation of HSTS within new browsers has made this extremely difficult if not impossible. One of the experts here said he had a way to do this but being a newb it was all nonsense to me. He didn't seem too keen on walking me through what was some very complicated gear. 

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