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16dbi Antenna + NANO


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The Nano has RP-SMA connectors where the Mark V and the Tetra have SMA connectors.  You ca still use it with the Nano, but you would need to get the SMA to RP-SMA adapter for each one you want to use.  They use to have them on the Hak Shop but looks like they updated it and now they don't.  Sure you can find them online elsewhere though.

You wouldn't need the signal booster, but it would still boost the singal and range if you wanted to use it.  The signal booster has RP-SMA connectors on each end so it would connect fine to the Nano, but you would need the adapter still to connect the yagi antenna to it.

Edit: looks like the signal booster includes the rp-sma to sma adapter https://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/wireless-gear/products/long-range-wifi-kit

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