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Pandora's Jar, few modifications


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Well, i've been using Pandora's Jar for a while now, but a few things were irking me, so I made some changes. Some excess files have been eliminated. I made this mainly for myself and roommates/friends but figured it wouldn't hurt to share it on here. If you would like the sourcecode, shoot me a PM. Props to irieb for the original program.

Some include:

-changed some things in the server thread

-saved files no longer are put into artist-album folders. They are all saved to 'saved_mp3' directory

-You can now minimize to the system-tray.

-various tweaks here and there

That said, here it is:


Hope you find these changes useful.

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Hi Russ,

Your modification were more than useful: where there

was only a tiny window providing no access to critical

buttons i get the full display again, or at least i'm

able to reload the page correctly... I've tested it

a few times and i could download as i used to, months

ago. The one thing it's missing is the "album" field

and/or directory(ies); i'd also remove the infamous

"ripped by [PaNDoRas jAR] your source for listening

pleasure" comment but that's just me. Good job Russ!

If i could find where the Linux setup is explained i'd

try it on a Live CD as well, simply for the fun of it.


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