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Can it pull this off?


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alright here's what i got. I need to pentest the security ability of an in home 4g/5g wpa2 router. Can it break that code? Better to do ahead of time? Also cant stick around too long so after set up is complete i would need to stash it close to router and leave un manned till late at night, would the battery last that long? Might be able to set up command center for myself close by but would be at least 150 yards away from router...can the nano reach that distance or would tetra be preferred? Newish to pentesting but i learn fast and im actually not too bad. Need to pull this off, failure not an option lol any and all advice, suggestions, or support would be greatly appreciated bros! 

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This sounds a little dodgy, especially cracking the neighbours wi-fi. As Mr P. says, don't do anything illegal.


Cracking WPA isn't something you would do on a pineapple, you collect a handshake then crack it elsewhere.

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2 hours ago, jaxxdup said:

Cracking jokes...(mybad)...because i didn't know which module if the nano was capable of the distance, battery life necessary, and capturing a handshake. Sorry it wasn't a "module specific" question...damn.

Not trying to be a dick just trying to keep the forums organized.

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