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While the tubes video below go through scenarios for ethical hacking.  Can we start posting different  "detailed" steps to do such ethical hacking for various scenarios.

I would like to see step by step instructions from starting Tetra to using tools,acquiring etc.

Go through each tool setup and use.

I know HAK5 team has a online doc but can we start one to address how to"s with detailed steps.

The PineAP book is good but want more details

If Hak5 will allow ( subject to the forums ethical rules ----- can we start it here and post different scenarios ?  If ok--separate each scenario with cut lines like below with Q&A to follow in each scenario

If not ok to post please advise , or where to do such --all on the basis of ethical pen testing and educational uses for knowledge acquiring





Scenario One

I have been asked to test security for a group of people with cell phones and open router points who have assembled close to my location.  What are the steps from starting the Tetra, Recon,Clients mode, Pine AP, etc..  Please list in steps 1,2,3 etc..


Scenario Two



Scenario Three



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While your idea is a decent one, I would add that experience is typically the best teacher.  You will discover that each situation tends to have some unique combination of elements and therefore a practical hacking guide would quickly spiral out of control (and become unpractical). My strongest and best recommendation is to take the time honored approach and learn each tool, one at a time.  Take the time to learn what a tool does, and what the options do, and don't rely on just the GUI - really dig in and understand it.  I see too many folks that 'just want it now' and quite frankly this field is not one that rewards those looking for quick wins.  Be patient and learn what really works and why it works.  I certainly don't want to discourage you - I really like your enthusiasm.  Just learn to be patient and invest time and you will be rewarded in many, many ways!

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