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trouble seeing IOS app packets


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my setup is a wifi nano connected to a raspberry pi, and i'm running tshark on the pi

my ipad connects to the nano, all is good and my ipad shows up as a client in the nano

ios web page:

if i browse a web page on the ipad then via tshark i can see both the packet count and capture

ios app:

however, if i browse an app on the ipad then i see no packet count and of course nothing being captured

charles proxy

lets go back a bit... when i'd installed charles proxy on my macbook and proxied the ipad app traffic, everything worked after i did this...

In Charles go to the Help menu and choose "SSL Proxying > Install Charles Root Certificate". Keychain Access will open, and prompt you about the certificate. Click the "Always Trust" button. You will then be prompted for your Administrator password to update the system trust settings.

do i need to do the same type of thing on my raspberry pi?

btw, i should let you know i'm no expert with proxys, packets, networks and so forth... but i'm learning

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