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ALFA AWUS036NEH monitor issue


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I just recently bought the ALFA AWUS036NEH from the hak5 shop. And i am having trouble making it work with programs like airodump-ng, wash and reaver. It starts the monitor mode on wlan0mon but when i run airodump -ng for example it comes up with nothing even tough i know there are alot of APs close by. (I did the whole airmon -ng check and kill processes beforehand so no issue there) Il have to admit i bought this card without much knowledge about the card,  i just assumed since they sold it at the hak5 shop it would be able to do packet injection and monitor mode etc. Is this not the case, did i just waste 20 dollars on a "normal" wireless card? Or do i have some other issue that causes my wireless card to not work? If there is any additional information i can provide just let me know, im sort of a linux noob so im not sure what info to give in a case like this. Any help what so ever is greatly appriciated i really dont wanna bin this card but at this point that is were it is heading.

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0: phy0: Wireless Lan

soft block: no
hard block: no

I managed to get airodump to work using a usb with persistence, unfortunatly i still have issues with wash\reaver. Problem is that i have done so many diffrent things now i am not really sure what i did to get airodump to work.

Has anyone had luck using this type of card with programs like wash and reaver? Is it even capable of injecting packets using aireplay -ng? 

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