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WIndows CMD Detect Connected WIFI Command


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Hey there,

I'm quite new to using the rubber ducky and just wanted to ask a general question relating to a command that detects the connected wifi on a windows machine. For example, the code below:

REM Windows Wifi Grabber

DELAY 2000






STRING netsh wlan show profile name=RANDOMESSID key=clear


Simply opens up cmd and types that command in. My question is if there is a cmd command that can replace "RANDOMESSID" with a command that automatically replaces that section with the connected wifi ESSID on the machine.


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Darren has it in his code , however netsh wlan sh net mode=bssid should do the same thing I think. 

Just take SSID 1 and store it as a variable to be later used, or select string if you want to directly grab the text from the output

Something like 

$ConnectedSSID= netsh wlan sh net mode=bssid
$Output= $ConnectedSSID| Select-String -Pattern 'SSID 1 :'
$Output -replace 'SSID 1 :'

or look at using a regex.

By the way I'm using Powershell above as Darren does in his script, is there a reason why you are sticking to Command only?

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