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Vacuum forming kydex for the pineapple


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I'm currently waiting for my membranes and neodymium magnets to finish my vacuum former. Initially my interest was to provide my training partners with custom gear. We can trash holsters and sheaths like children in a China shop. As I've been impatiently awaiting parts, I can't help but notice my lonely pineapple shivering in its tactical case. It's really begging for a taco style kydex home. My question is... Are the plastic pineapple  empty cases available to purchase anywhere? I'd hate to trash mine while experimenting. I'm not even sure that it'll hold up to the 250 - 300 degree kydex and vacuum to be honest. Any ideas?

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1 hour ago, barry99705 said:

No, it won't hold up to that.  Just measure it out and make a blank out of a piece of plywood.

Thanks, that's about the conclusion I had come to. At least a carving will allow me to add some rails or spacers into the kydex for heat dissipation. Thanks again!

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