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Wired network into Client Mode?


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13 hours ago, mojo0243 said:

Just to be clear about what you are talking about.  Are you saying you want to plug an Ethernet into a router and then your pineapple so the internet is being passed from the router to the pineapple and then share that internet connection with anyone connected to the pineapple?

My apologies, re-reading that, i realised my question was rather vague. I am trying to get internet connection to the pineapple via an ethernet cable which is attached to my PC. Currently wired client mode is not working for me. 

When i run Pine AP/Karma, I need an extra wireless adapter for internet access on any of the access points which are copied, as i am currently unable to obtain internet access via a wired connection.

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I just got back into my pineapple the other day. Its amazing how much I forgot. I too have that issue where a laptop is on wifi, pineapple to laptop over eth0. I want to route thru the laptops wifi and have trouble even with wp5.sh there is plenty of documents out there on it but its just not making sense to me either. We will have to perservere and hit the books !

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