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Wrong OS Detection?


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This is pretty normal. Fingerprinting an OS is never 100% accurate, as it uses traffic to determine the OS. Some traffic can look very similar between different OS's.

I would imagine the traffic from Windows 10 to be very similar to Windows 7.

Try using p0f and xProbe2 as well as nmap and compare the different results. Some of them allow you to amend reference files, to place your own OS fingerprints in, making future scans more accurate.

Please also read this, on nmaps own website.

And ofc always apt-get update before running any scans.

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haze1434 is spot on.  Running an update to grab the latest is always a good idea as well as using several tools to cross reference.  The nmap website is an excellent reference to really learn all about the wide variety of switches you can use to target exactly the info you're after.

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