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some 1gig U3's for sale


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yep. i have 4 1gig sandisk cruzer micro things for sale


they are out of thier original packaging for 'transportation' reasons.

dont worry, none of them has even been plugged into a pc (therefore nullifying any reasonable suspect that they have been preloaded to become a switchblade/haksaw).

and if you're still paranoid, just unplug your eth when you plug the drive in.

first four to pm me with their paypal addy's for invoices, win. once all have been paid for, i'll post an update here.

sorry, paypal only, and $20 (includes shipping) must be sent within 2 days of invoice, so if you're not going to be around a pc two days from when you pm me your paypal addy, dont bother, it will go to the next in line.

thanks. any questions, pm me also



i should probably add that i only ship to north america (us/canada).

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He meant unplug your ethernet cord to keep anything like the switchblade/hacksaw from stealing your stuff. I was talking to him on irc, and I said it would be a cool idea to grab a bunch of cheap usb drives, something that has like 128megs or so, load the switchblade/hacksaw on them, and give them out. I asked him if this was what he was doing, that is why he posted that.

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they havnt even been extended to their 'switchblade' position. ive actally had a bunch of these for a long time, but i just found four more in my drawer. merry christmas, i spose. anyways. i dont even know how to do that crap. i've always been more interested in hardware modding and some neat (useful) stuff you can do, such as Synergy and that junk.

and to answer your question, robotchild. no. it was actually a shipping error at my work and originally, and i got a VERY good price on them. i had around 30 or so, and there was no way i was going to lug 30 full packages for the drives.

my ebay userid is markybunkface , if you want to check out some of my sales and such. not sure if they'll be active any more though. that was a while ago.

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