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Problems with the internetconnection


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since 5 days I try to configure a Pineapple Wifi Mark IV (Custommade). I'm using WIN10 , a USB Netgear WNA3100N WLAN adapter (for the I-net), and Alfa 121U with Pineapple V.2.8.1 The LAN/POE is connected to the PC WIN 10 (and the adress on PC (LAN2) is,,

Wifi is connected to the Internet (DHCP-Router) I shared the WIFI with LAN2.

.My problem is , that I can't get the public IP or can't connect to upgrades 'cause there is an "error conecting".

I'm able to ping,Traceroute , ping my gateway(Router) and I can reach the WIFI Pineapple http from the PC.

I'm reading a lot but as more I read and try I'm more confused, so I like to ask you for a little help in witch direction I should think or read.



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