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How to find IP address of blog visitors


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what kind of blog are you running? WordPress allows you to identify all commenter's  and can require email addresses to post(although can be spoofed), but if you have your own domain, you should be able to script up something to capture all commenter's posts, their IP, user agent, etc. Once you have some of this info you can ban the IP, or in the case of automated bots identified by the user agent, block them by user agent(until they spoof it). Also, setup an approve setting for all comments, so they can't post automatically and require manual approval of comments. Depending on the blog framework you're using, there are also a number of anti-spam plug-ins and settings that can be enabled, such as captchas, requiring JavaScript to post comments and acceptance of cookies, etc. Nothing is full proof, but mos tis easily fool proof and will kill off the low hanging fruit.

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20 hours ago, digininja said:

Curious, what are you planning to do with these IPs once you have them?

Thanks for your question and comments digininja and digip.

I have blocked some random accounts, but I want to find the source.

I have reported the incident to the police but they said they cannot (won't?) do anything about it.  I have noticed that unless there is the risk of physical harm the police continue to ignore online trolling/abuse/harassment/bullying....etc...

I was planning on doing the police's job for them.

My blog is on blogger.

I have used google analytics but its does not give an IP address.

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Move off blogger, get a proper domain, and administer some checkpoints and validation to prevent people from posting spam. Moderation is a PITA, but it's necessary if you want to maintain your own site. 

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