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How do I disable Autoplay with my Rubber Ducky


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might want to ask in the rubber ducky section, but, how is the OS seeing this as a plain drive? It should see it as a HID, which should only show up as a keyboard or mouse device.

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As far as I'm aware, if you plug the SD card in to the Rubber Ducky, with an inject.bin file on it, then plug this in to your PC, it should pick it up as a HID and attempt to run the Ducky Script in inject.bin.

If you don't want this to happen, remove the SD card and just plug it in without the ducky, and it will pick it up as a normal SD card.

If you are having issues, try renaming inject.bin to something else and it won't then autorun.

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You should have an adapter that came with your Rubber Ducky that allows you to remove the SD card in order to allow you to safely add payloads without triggering them.  I typically create my payload, add it to the SD Card using the micro SD to USB adapter, and then insert the card back in the Rubber Ducky.  It's much easier to handle that way.  But if you enjoy playing around to see what stuff does - flash the firmware.  Both approaches are good.

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