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Would some be kind enough to post a diagram for hooking up Tetra to a laptop in home with Ethernet Cable.   I think it is worth it for those who could use thanks, just f*&*k uptoday


1) Laptop - -- Laptop has Internet through cable ethernet--- do you hook Tetra up to laptop via UART and use just That?   OR use the Tetra USB Ethernet only? or Both??? if you are using your own Home Ethernet.

2) Ethernet Cable from home router -Hook into Tetra?  then use Tetra USB ethernet and UART into Laptop ?

Power Source is from reg house outlet




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Can do a few different ways. I don't tend to use the UART/serial much at the moment. With the Tetra I use the below most often unless I take it out and about.

Home router -> ethernet cable -> Tetra LAN port -> Tetra Managment wifi -> laptop

Home router -> ethernet cable -> Tetra LAN port -> Tetra eth uUSB -> laptop

Home router -> wifi -> laptop using ICS wp6.sh -> ethernet cable -> Tetra LAN port

Home router -> ethernet cable -> laptop using ICS wp6.sh -> USB cable -> tetra eth uUSB port

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