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USB not autostart


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My USB ducky doesnt autostart on several machines

that means on some it runs fine

and on others, win 7 , win8.1 and win10 it just recognize the usb and u get the message ehat to do with the inserted media

but the payload is not starting

on my win 7 and my laptop the payloads run fine

an ideas?


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1 hour ago, Dotan said:

maybe cause im using mass storage firmware?

Yup, that's should be the reason why :wink:

Iirc  the mass store firmware can't run payloads. If I'm mistaken, please correct me.
I never tested another firmware.

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thats not right

cause its working on my win 7 machine as a mass storage so i can put an exe on it and it runs

but it didnt work on win8.0 ans win10 

but when i switch to the basic firmware to run hello world it works.

but i saw videos that people use it as mass storage on these machines and it does work.

any ideas why its not on these machines?

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