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Shipping Problem solved


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Dear Shannon,


Yes! I checked all areas and both E-mails both Earthlink and Hotmail that I used to send out. I thought that my first Emails from Earthlink might have been blocked by the system it happened to me once before someone blocked all Earthlink emails so mine had not gotten through. So I checked everything and I could not find any emails that came to me from Sara or Hak5.


Thank you so much for helping me with this situation. I do not trust UPS and I will tell you why. My son bought a Large screen TV and UPS said it was delivered but it was not, then after they started checking the driver had told then that he had left it with the people across the street and would retrieve it and get it to me. I caught the UPS truck coming down the street and stopping in front of the peoples house across the street so I ran right up to the truck and found out it was not with my neighbor across the street it had never left his truck. He went in back of his truck and got it for me. If I had not been fast in going after the missing TV, he I am sure was going to keep it for himself.


Your emails seem to be reaching me fine. Yes I did just receive an email with a new tracking number that just came in around the time yours did.

I hope this one makes it all the way to me my fingers are crossed J


May God be with you and thank you, thank you for all your help. I could not have done it without your help.


AT&T Electronic Eng.



From: Sara - I have your order on the way to you,

The HakShop Team: Run by the Hak5 team, HakShop is dedicated to serving the Information Security community.

Hi John,
I think I figured out the issue. Please see the below text from Sara.


On Sep 19, 2016 11:03 AM, "Shannon Morse"  wrote:

Hi John,
I read your forum post. Are you sure you didn't receive an email two days ago? Because I see that it is dated September 17. See the attached screenshot. Whatever the case, the shop is aware of your problem and you've been contacted (maybe it ended up in spam?).
If you did indeed find a personal home phone number on the internet, please note that we take our personal privacy seriously. A call to one of our personal numbers will result in lots of time and money spent researching this issue. I've had a stalker in the past who started calling me and showing up.


On Sep 19, 2016 9:05 AM, Sara

******It looks like this email to John was only sent to me and cc Sara Remmy. Did you send it to John too or just us?******

Date: Sep 17, 2016 11:27 AM

Hi John,

I apologize, I was unable to sit and answer emails yesterday due to the ongoing training event at the Hak5 Warehouse.

I understand that your package has been marked as delivered, but was sent to the wrong address.

After speaking with UPS, I have been instructed to send you a replacement package. I will send tracking to you on Monday. Let me know if you would like the package shipped to an alternate address.

Please do not take my delay in response personally, I am trying my best to help all our customers in a timely manner.

We do not offer phone support, due to overwhelming, long, difficult calls. Other than help with packing packages, I run the shop myself. Email is most of the time to the point and brief - much more time effective for large volumes of requests.


I can understand the frustration of not receiving your package, I am here to help, and we do care greatly about our customers and the community. Timing is often difficult, and I apologize.

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3 hours ago, R718D said:

That's great your order has be shipped. I'm glad you contacted the right people over at hak5 

Yes with a lot of effort, I was able finally to contact people who care. Sara and Shannon. I give them 10 stars ********** and five smiles :-) :-) :-) :-) :-). 

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2 hours ago, sud0nick said:

All this does is show what people have said all along:

1. Hak5 actually cares about their customers.

2. You're an impatient dick.


You and your buddy Mr. Protocol were useless. 

Your partner Mr. Protocol was even too scared to let me speak freely, so he shut down and locked me out of adding to the other forum topic to hide the truth about Hak5 and its lack of response, and I am a Dick?  Enough Negative! now lets look to the positive from here on.

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23 minutes ago, Sebkinne said:

Let's keep it civil in here. The issue is resolved, and we don't need to insult each other.

I agree, that is why I said to keep it positive from now on. But I will never leave a negative unanswered.

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I hack for freedom for everyone, I have a code of ethics that I never steal and I respect peoples privacy. But if you are evil and want to do destruction look out. I do not care which side you say you are on. I work hard to make sure the truth comes out. Even if I have to sit in a man-hole and tap in to reveal it. Our freedom is sacred a lot of people died to give it to us and too many are willing to give it away, and too many are willing to take it away. 

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