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Raspberry pi3 + nano + alfa = fail


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TL:DR; Running pi3 with alfa card and nano. It seems to be whenever I do anything with my alfa card, the pineapple stops doing whatever it was actively doing before i started using the alfa card. Specifically I run an airodump from the alfa card to see the PineAP SSIDs and none of them are being broadcasted.

I have a nano connected to a raspberry pi3 running kali rolling. In order to offload some of the CPU usage of the nano I want to run other passive scanning/attacks from my raspberry pi with an alfa card while also running attacks/passive scanning with the nano. I'd also like to use the alfa card to check to see if PineAP is broadcasting SSIDs correctly. However, the problem I'm running into is whenever I do an airodump with my alfa card on the pi, all PineAP broadcasts stop. Has anyone run into any issues attempting to use any other wireless cards in tandem with a pineapple? Are there any recommendations for running a pi with an alfa card and a pineapple?



Raspberry pi 3 running kali rolling

WiFi pineapple nano running 1.1.1

alfa AWUS036NH

also tried TP-link TL-WN722N



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Good point. I had not considered power before. So the NANO is plugged into two of the four usb ports on the pi using the Y cable. the alfa card is also plugged into a 3rd USB port on the pi. I'll try using my pineapple juice battery with the nano and see if that changes anything.

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To reduce power consumption I recommend a RT5370 wireless card, very small, weighs under 30gr and only uses 25mA, but works well in Monitor Mode and very cheap.

Despite its small size it has an SMA antenna connection and power low enough to run from USB port on Nexus Tablet via micro USB hub.

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