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Card Swipe System


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          I'd like to buy a simple(and cheap)system to log magnetic cards(up to 1000) which logs date and time,plus blocking of the card.I've tried looking at various products online but have got nowhere:wacko:.Any help would be appreciated.

                        Sorry if I've posted in the wrong part of the forum,please point me in right direction if so.Cheers

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What is the purpose of the system? like door entry systems? http://www.maglocks.com/access-guide 

Time clock, employee logins, etc?


If you want to make your own, you could always buy a simple mag stripe reader and then write the scripts to manipulate it however you want. There is software that can read and write to them as well, but most usb magswipes, open a text editor, and swipe, will type it out for you whats on the card.




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Many thanks for the reply,interesting links.The system is for a friends language school where they want to log in the students for a lesson,so there's a record of them attending and a some way of rejecting the card if the card holder hasn't paid.A pretty basic system,I think.These might be ok for the card reader but I couldn't be sure how to write the cards or find a card supplier,but I notice the links you mention have this info so I'll have a closer look:


          Thanks again.Cheers

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