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can not connect to management ap, no deauth at all


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setup: android - nano - powerbank connect via management ap to ipad / laptop

it worked fine over the day, but since some hours it doesn't work, even if I rename the AP, give it a new simple password... I receive the message "bad password".

So now I'm in my project....can not deploy the tool, as I have no remote control. Instead I'm wasting my time to re-configure settings I already save "i.e. for the Pine AP) and trying to get access.


On top of that I could not  deauth a single client today not even my own devices connected to the target network.

Following the existing guidelines is not too diffcult.. but I have the feeling the problem is (not only) between my ears.

All these topics are also reported as bug.. so do i waste my time for system with major bugs ?








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