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Rubber Ducky not recognized and flashing green and red..


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Hi All. 

I just got my Rubber Ducky yesterday, and I was super exited about getting to play with it. 

Without testing the default setup & payload, I plugged it in in TFU mode and flashed it with ducky-flasher to use "twin duck" flash. This went well, the ducky flasher said everything was fine and my linux played a sound as a USB device was plugged. However, no drive showed up. I tried pluggin it into my windows 7 machine, and it installs the driver for HID and stalls. No USB drive shows up and the rubber ducky starts flashing green and red. 

Since then I tried ALL the different firmware in ducky-flasher with the same result. It just flashes red and green when plugged in. It's quite dissapointing. The videos I've been watching about flashing the rubber ducky with ducky-flasher all shows that the drive shows up just after a flash.

Is my ducky malfunctioning or is there something about ducky-flasher and firmware, that I should know about? 

Looking forward to advice here! 



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Progress.. I can flash it with the original firmware and it works. But no luck with the other 3 options in ducky-flasher. 

Has anybody had any luck getting it to work with the twin-duck firmware through ducky-flasher? I guess I'll try to flash it without using ducky-flasher instead to make it work. I really want it to be able to store a few files created by my payload.. 

If anybody has any hints regarding getting the twin-duck firmware to work, please advice! 


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