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Antenna Ports Getting Loose


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The antenna ports on one side of my Tetra were starting to get loose today, so I decided to investigate. Turns out there is a lock washer that is supposed to be gripping the nut. That washer was turned around so that the teeth were facing the plastic as shown here.


All that needed to happen was to turn the washer around so that the teeth face the nut. The problem was just on 1 side of the Tetra. I tested it and it looks like the new configuration held better. Also, you don't need to take the housing off the Tetra to do this as there are support posts for the nut on the opposite side (which is a fantastic design thought). However while I had it open, I found out why it's not called the Mark VI :grin:


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Hey Seb,

You might not find that it's an issue at the factory anymore because I think the TETRA I purchased was one of the earlier ones. The box came with 2 Y-adapter cables instead of the AC adapter that is normal now. 

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