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Nano crashing and dropping configs/logs


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I just received my Pineapple and have a few issues with it. As I am a pineapple noob, I will outline my issues in the order they occurred.


The first thing I noticed after setting up the nano (with the USB-A cable over my PC) was that my phone would connect to the management AP but I could not access the nano's control panel over wifi, (can only get to the panel through a USB micro cable and the pineapple connector app).

On my PC (using the USB-A cable) after the first hour or so of playing around with recon and logging the nano would lock up, then prompt me to login again, after doing so all the logs and scans, as well as the pineAP settings would reset.

Connecting wirelessly to the management AP from my PC I am able to access the control panel as normal, however after about a half hour the page would lock up, my wifi would disconnect from the nano's management AP, and when I tried to reconnect both the management and open (hidden) AP would disappear from radar, prompting a hard reset.


I have done a few factory resets already and these issues persist. I'm not sure if this is normal, but the factory reset left the firmware version at 1.1.1

Thank You,

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As stated, if you are running it with your PC, make sure you use the Y connector cable provided to supply enough current to the Pineapple.

As far as accessing the wireless management AP, once you are connected, make sure when you go to the browser that you put the appropriate port number at the end of the IP address.

When you say you are doing a bunch of stuff, what do you mean? What process are running? Are you running PineAP? If so, do you have options set to Aggressive? Are you trying to do Recon at the same time? 

It is possible to overtax the Pineapple or cause service issues due to any of the following:

  1. Not having enough power (usually a current draw issue)
  2. Adding too many modules on the internal flash memory so that you run out of space
  3. Adding too many USB devices (back to number 1)

Take some pictures of your setup and let me know how you're using the Pineapple and I'll try to reproduce it.

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I am using the included USB-A Y cable out of two ports on the front of my PC.

My PC can connect wirelessly to the management AP and access the control panel ( no problems.

My mobile connects to the AP but cannot access the page, however my android (5.0 lollipop) phone can see my PC and the Nano with Overlook Fing, and can sniff traffic with wireshark.

The setup I was running when it crashes is PineAP capturing SSIDs and responding to beacons, beacon response and SSID pool broadcasting (disabled) were both set to normal. I was not running any modules (or even an SD card) at the time.

Physically my Pineapple is set up with the Ralink radio in client mode, and my PC and phone connected wirelessly to the Management AP.


I am playing around with it more and successfully have it running 4 hours straight, continuously running recon scans (30 second interval) with the USB-A Y cable plugged into a wall adapter (data link side) and my PC (power side) to supply more than enough current. and a USB hub with the Ralink so I can hook my phone up with a USB micro cable.

I Just took it out on battery for an hour, passively collecting probe requests and doing recon scans, without running into any issues (other than my phone not being able to access the control panel via the management AP)

It seems to be working now, possibly an issue with the Y cable going between a USB 2.0 port (data) and USB 3.0 port (power) which I am testing again right now

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Hope it continues to work for you. I'm not sure about the mobile phone issue. I once did an 8 hour assessment with the Nano using my phone to control it. A couple of times during the day I lost access. During those times I would just put my phone down and wait about 15 minutes. Eventually, I would have access to the page again and the Nano never stopped the entire time. 

I'm not sure why you're phone is behaving differently. Instead of accessing the management AP, try to get on through one of the spoofed SSIDs. It's all part of the same network. You should be able to still access the management page.

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