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I am writing a py project at the moment with the aim of the following, it is my first foray into python so my code may be very bad but I was wondering if anyone would have a shared interest in this or know of its existance already?

The code should find the default gateway, log its IP, hopefully its a home network or small office and it will try to OUI lookup the device manufacturer. It will then try to navigate to the router/access point IP, if it is unprotecetd it will try to download any known log locations, if it is password protected it will see if it can traverse the directory or alternativley try a hydra-esq attack against the access point (eventually with a tweaked ruleset based on OUI) and try to download logs.

The endgame of this is to be able to download a ton of log files from previous devices that have had access. This could be used for example to see previous MACs that have associated to paid access points and other uses....

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