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PowerShell - Remove-ADGroupMember - Locking my admin account


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Hi all,

I have the following line of code in a PowerShell file, intended to remove a user from all Active Directory groups beginning with an @ symbol;

Get-ADGroup -Filter 'name -like "@*"' | Remove-ADGroupMember -Members $UserID

It actually works fine, and successfully removes them from the correct groups, however the script locks my admin account every time it's run. Weird!

I suspect it's to do with it 'using up' my Kerberos authentication tokens (it uses too many, as it runs for every single AD group beginning with @), or it thinks I'm trying to do something malicious because I'm sending such a large amount of commands in a short time?

Is there a way for me to amend this line of code, so that instead of running Remove-ADGroupMember for every single @ group in the Active Directory, it only runs for the groups that the user is a member of? Or any other ideas?

Thank you.

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That shouldn't lock out your account as far as I know.  However, this is probably a better way to get what you want.  It will target only the groups that your user is associated with and remove them from each.

Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $UserID | ? { $_.Name -like "@*" } | Select Name | % { Remove-ADGroupMember $_ -Members $UserID }

Forgot that you're looking for group names with "@" so I fixed it to include only those groups.

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