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Average customer service reply speed?


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19 hours ago, MediaThreat said:

I also placed a order on 9/1/2016 for a rubber ducky I still haven't received it sent three emails and no reply and I'm in NYC tracking number just says delay in transit just issue me a refund or send me my package again 

I'm in the same boat. My order shipped the 29th and got lost by DHL before turning up on the other side of the world (Bangladesh) where it is now stuck in customs where it could take weeks or even months to clear according to DHL. DHL is advising me to consider the shipment as lost and to contact Hak5 to request a replacement but despite sending 4 emails in a week I've had exactly 0 responses. If you could let me know if/when you get a reply/replacement I'll update you should I hear something. 

If any of the crew are reading this, please let us know something. A week is too long for answering a customer's email IMO, especially if they are waiting for products which are paid for. At least let me know when I can expect a reply or even if my emails have reached you at all.

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On 9/9/2016 at 9:43 AM, barry99705 said:

Well, there's only like three of them in the shop, and it was a holiday this past weekend, so they might take a little longer than usual.

Plus, Darren is not currently in the States at this time. He's currently in Beirut, Lebanon doing something with National geographic.


^ Oh, I don't use the bird. 

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11 hours ago, Darren Kitchen said:

MrKnickerbocker - you were sent an email reply from us on Sept 2 as well as Sept 9. We have not heard back from you on either thread. Please check your spam folder for an email from shop@hak5.org.

Hi Darren, thank you for your reply. I've triple checked my spam folder but I the only emails I have from the 2nd and the 9th of september are the replies which I sent to shop@hak5.org on those dates.  Something seems to have gone wrong somewhere along the line. However, I did get the email from Sara earlier today (yesterday for your time zone I believe) and I am very happy to say this case got completely resolved and I wanted to send you my thanks for that and for going the extra mile and by trying to contact me personally through the forums.  Thank you!

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Hi Darren,

I tried to send u a message, the system shown you can't receive any message, that's why I left message here. hope you don't mind.

I am very excited to you are selling WiFi Pineappling Book, but I can't buy it, because I'm in China, I bought a pineapple nano, I'd really like to learn more about that.

I'd like to pay for that if you have E-book version.

Thank you very much,


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