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What is max SD card size?

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The only firmware (that I know of) that size would matter with is the twinduck firmware, otherwise it doesn't show up as a storage device plugged into the system it only shows as an HID device.

The limitations (again only that i know of) is the fact that each gb you add on that firmware causes it to start up even slower or be detected even slower.  So the larger size you have the longer it will take to load and be usable.

I'm not positive on either of those things, but just my understanding how how things will work.

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I use the  twinduck firmware/num lock,Caps.or scroll activated and a 8GB micro SD card and it takes about 30 +- seconds to be seen by Windows OS on most machines. I myself prefer this firmware because less traces and of course no need to download any files and minimally touch main HDD.

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