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[HELP] trml cmd to ask pw @ login


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i went into "user setings" and changed "asded at login" to " not asded on login". now i cant sign in. it does not give me the option to enter a password just says login, but playes the incorect pw sound when i try

i can get into the guest account but that does me no good case su and sudo dont work

i can ctrl alt f1 and login to the user there

i tried sudo visudo and changed the line to read NOPASSWD:ALL but that did not work

anyone know how i can chage back the user settings to ask for password at login from terminal?


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..this one time, I asded the whole thing..


If this is linux, reboot, hole escape and look for grub menu or such, edit, add "rw init=/bin/bash" to the boot string, and then boot with the changes, should drop you to root. anything else, we'd need to know more as I'm just throwing that out there as a guess

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