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Help needed with IP spoofing, User agent changing, and cookie deleting


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please admins, i am not sure which category to post this under thats why am doing it on here. i am sorry if this violates your rules, incase it does please help me move it to the appropriate section.
i hope i dont get a query for this tho.

i just need help with a script that can do all that the topic says, i am testing a voting site, and ive been able to deduce that i can vote multiple times making use of
"advanced cookie manager to clear the cookies sent from the server", "random agent spoofer to randomize the user agent on every request made", "Hide my ip to also randomise my ip after each vote".
Note: they are all browser addons.

which also means i have to reload the page everytym myself and click on a new ip each time. the only automated one is the random agent spoofer, and i also have to click by myself.

dont wana sound lazy or anything but please, anyone who has an idea of how i can get an automated script that does all 3

"IP spoofing, User agent changing, and cookie deleting".

any modern programming language would do the trick i guess, but if u know of steps i can take to achieve this by writing my own custom script please your ideas are also welcome.
i need it asap. thanks in advance for your answers.

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