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Can we make a rubber ducky with a normal USB?


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8 hours ago, digininja said:

No, they are two completely different devices. One is mass storage, one is a hid device.

Not entirely true, there is a badusb attack that you can turn some usb flash drives into hid devices by re-writing their firmware.  See here for more on how to make your own:


Also with the twin duck firmware on the usb rubber ducky you can see a usb device can be setup in firmware to be both a mass storage and a hid device at the same time.  I believe the same is possible with the badusb attack, but i haven't looked into it that much.  Mainly because the usb rubber ducky is far easier to use and setup than finding a usb flash drive that can have it's firmware re-written and then rewriting the firmware and all that and it has nicer features like removable storage via sd card and a button to relaunch your payload.  Interesting to note the badusb attack even uses ducky encoded scripts to perform its hid injection so you can take advantage of the same payloads.

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