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My Device - Let's be Secure!


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Hello Group,

I figure I'd ask this question here and see what kind of response is put fourth. TIA

Security is always on my mind and creating many embedded devices using Linux (custom builds) are some of the things I do and want to be security minded. Most small IoT device have some sort of setup, monitoring and configuration via a HTTP server. I would like to use HTTPS (SSL or TLS). It seems that I'll need a cert for each device for https in order it to function as needed.

Q1: Do I really need a separate cert for each device?

Q2: What happens with a https server in a air-gaped (isolated from the internet) network?

Q3: Is the cert thing the reason why most IoT device don't encrypt?

Q4: Is there a group trying to tackle this problem.

Again, thanks for the help and Hak5 thank for making me more security conscience.

Cheers! Like in beer.

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