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Nano Antenna Upgrade (In Case Antennas)


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I purchased the new right angle antennas for the Nano and they don't seem to connect properly.

The SMA connectors are bottoming out on hte plastic shell of the nano, causing the antennas to be very loose. I'm pretty sure they center pin of the SMA is not making contact in it's socket.

I was thinking of removing the shell and enlarging the hole in the plastic shell so the connector could seat properly, is there a guide or a video that shows where the clips are so I can non-destructively open the nano?




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i had the same they connect but arnt "locked" in place, I read elsewhere on forum that it requires a small modification like you suggest. I popped open the case (starting at the empty SD slot if i remember) using tweezers and small flat jewlers screwdriver. Pulled out the pcb then re-assembled the case without nano inside and used a 8mm drill bit by hand. it barely took any material away before the connector slips inside. My antennas now lock into what angle I want.

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I had the exact same problem.  

I first finger tightened them down and observed as you all did, that these do not 'locl' and the antenna rotates very freely.

Then I simply used my leatherman pliers to tighten them down ~1 full turn Past finger tight. (I was hoping I would not crack the case nor strip the threads.)

All worked fine. Antennas are very tight now.

Although removing them, if I need too, will require that leatherman again :)

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The antennas are "floppy" by design / default.

I am aware that it seems counter intuitive, but we got them because of the slimmer form factor to fit into the cases - where the floppy-ness doesn't matter. If you are drilling out holes, or over-tightening connectors, you might damage something.

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3 hours ago, Sebkinne said:

The antennas are "floppy" by design / default.

Understood.  My concern was that if I have it out and not in the case it is difficult to handle (plug in, unplug, fondle, etc) without touching the antennae.  As a total newb,  was unter the impression that touching a powered antenna would have some profoundly adverse effect.

If this is correct I would leave them off until I re-case it.  If this is wrong and you tell me I am a Trottel I will put them back on :)


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