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Hi, I googled my question it lead here eventually anyways this is stupid question that wasn't answered because the responders to the question did not feel comfortable with answering because the questioner didn't answer why.

Anyways dumb question here: I want to be able to Monitor my cameras for the peace and protection of the building.  In this instance, im trying to pull info for a lady who lost an envelope of money.  These are the probs i know ill run into.

I run an apartment building in a low income area.  I'm the shitty property manager/maintenance guy.  There's cameras on the building,  They're wired to locked box in the basement(i don't mind breaking it open).  I believe that's some brand/kind of DVR.  

The DVR is from some security company, They came once, i met him.  he said and showed it worked, but it really doesnt help me.  He opened the box and plugged in his little handheld fuckin gameboy and could see it how i wanna see it.  I want to be able to monitor it or use it.  It's very important.  I'm close to just buying a whole new system like those ones you can watch on your smart phone.  But im about as broke as every renter in this bitch.  I believe i had to pay that guy for that.  


THERE'S A 4 (i think its only 4) digit password

There's a locked box ( i dont mind breaking)

I think he said it was a factory reset password and not one that we made.

The box is in the basement, i dont think its a wifi box or recorder.  Seems old school.

I'm not that nervous to go ham on the thing, but id rather it not break.  anyways anyone trollin around out there? thanks for the read n help is so


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First things first id make sure the owner was happy to go ahead with this and have permission.

As a starting point i'd bust the lock box and take a look at it. Specifically i'd be looking for Manufacturer, model any label, part number etc take photo's for later reference. Thats your starting point to trying to find a user/operation manual. In most cases the user manual will identify a default/factory password/pin and provide more details about what you have in front of you and how to use it.

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its a VMAX H.264 Digital Video Recorder. Didn't have to break the box, any little key worked lol. does have a manual but its more like  3 page pamphlet. I want to set it up to network access, I'm on the 2nd floor. I do have wifi, not sure if it'll reach the box though. and all the camera wires are already down there. Will it plug into any monitor? It already has the mouse attached to it. the administration login says admin with no password. 

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12 hours ago, the guy white/donthackmyemail said:

I want to load the info upstairs here, i dont think i have a VGA chord long enough to go 3 feet let alone 3 floors.  


You can go up to 250ft away from the source with this if the resolution is low-ish (like, 1280x1024 or 1024x768). Cat6 cable is a bit more rigid and better shielded, so you might get more distance with that.

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The other option is to use the monitor port. Just plug in a coax cable, run it up to your home and attach it to a CCTV monitor. That monitor can be the gameboy the guy had, but it can just as easily be a standard monitor. I'm sure ebay or craigslist or whatever has a few on offer for a normal price. I suspect the coax cable can be a longer run than the VGA one but in either case you need a more-than-low-grade cable to bridge the gap. I have plenty of experience with recording problems resulting from using shoddy coax. Shielding really is key.

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