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Tetra firmware upgrade failed

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7 hours ago, theDingosBaby said:

Lol, what did you do via UART? It's not open source, but I suspect there exists a custom made programming jig, or software that interfaces the NAND flash. It is just speculation at this point, since my reverse engineering chops aren't as good as I'd like, but it won't be long before i figure it out. How familiar are you with OpenWRT devices?

No too familiar.. 

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So I have a similar issue.

But I did not do anything screwy from the console messing up the flash etc. So I believe my pineapple can be recovered.

I have the "Bad magic number 0x73797375" message when the pineapple tetra boots.


I can boot it and flash a new bin file via the web gui at, but when it boots I get the bad magic number.


What can I do from the uart console to fix this?

Should I try to put the bin file on a tftp server (host which the tetra plugs into)??

is there some other way to clean / refresh / reinstall the original firmware on the device?

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