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Inventel DV4210 / DV4410 LINUX boradband ADSL Home Gateway


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This device is the Inventel DV4210 / DV4410 AKA the BT HomeHub / Orange LiveBox.

This information is taken from the Inventel website:

Embedded ADSL Modem

USB 1.1 Slave / USB Master 1.1

Up to 4 Ethernet RJ45 10/100-BaseT

Up to 2 FXS RJ45 (POTS for VoIP services)

Free CardBus Slot

WLAN 802.11g (fully compatible with 802.11b), throughput up to 54 Mbps

Bluetooth 1.2, throughput 723 Kbps

Configurable DHCP server

Dynamic DNS services client

Universal Plug and Play (UpnP)

VoIP Protocols : SIP, H323

Wireless VoIP with Bluetooth / DECT

Embedded Firewall

Parental Control : URL filtering and time based access

OS Linux 2.4

16 Mo SDRAM / 4 Mo Flash

Compatibility: W95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Linux/Mac OS

From what I can see there, it's a linux PC with a built in Ethernet port, bluetooth, USB, Linux 2.4 Kernel, PCMCIA/cardbus slot and a good WI-FI adapter...


Do you have an Inventel Box?

Have you been able to find any software to gain access to it?

Do you know of any projects that involve this device?

Your thoughts?

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thanks for that info saves me looking for it when i eventually get the hub.

From my brief searching i couldnt find anything firmware wise. I've also go a bt voyager 2500v and found that has been built with gpl source code, an i've found the kit to build some sort of broadcom firmware. Hopefully this one is built similar

it would be nice to "fix" the isp lock for the voip etc. also handy to have the hub firware a little more relaxed so i could use it as a extra wifi/voip acess point.

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