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[Release] 1.1.2 - Codename Buffalo Bulldozer


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Hey Everyone,

As is likely apparent from the name, Buffalo Bulldozer is a rock solid release with the intent of synchronizing a stable base for both WiFi Pineapples in the 6th generation - the NANO and TETRA.

We've implemented some major improvements to the Recon mode of the PineAP engine, both increasing accuracy as well as stability. Recon scans now gather both AP and Client information by default using only one radio. This change decreases wlan0 overhead, allowing for faster association responses and uninterrupted communication with connected clients. WPS detection has also been added to Recon, further adding to the at-a-glance visibility of the wireless landscape. Information gathering is also enhanced from the Recon view with each client's probe requests visible from their respective menus, meaning you'll be able to immediately identify targets without having to page over to logs.

TETRA users will appreciate the enhanced 5GHz support in both Recon and PineAP for both scans and deauthentication.

Under the hood the kernel has been updated, upstream wireless fixes have been applied and packages have been updated. We feel you'll find this release rock solid throughout and we're eager to hear your feedback. Please as always use the bug tracker from https://www.wifipineapple.com/bugs

This major release paves the way for an upcoming "CC" version and its accompanying cloud infrastructure. We're excited to share these developments as the project progresses. Once again thank you all for your support. This is truly the best time to be a WiFi Pineappler and we're grateful for this community!

-- Seb & Darren


Changes can be found at https://www.wifipineapple.com/downloads#tetra.

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Busy at work the last few weeks, I've been lurking/waiting for 1.1.0 to drop since the easer egg Darren dropped prior to Defcon.  First loaded up my Nano and gave it a run August 30th.  Played around a bit, pulled a 12 mile wardrive and just Recon'd the neighborhood, worked as advertised!  Today I updated my Tetra and gave it a spin, WHOA!!!!

Noted the new additions and I like the interoperability between the Nano and the Tetra.  The Recon from the Tetra was a real eyeopener.  Very powerful/sensative!!!  I am impressed!

Still plugging away at python scripts to use sploitego/Maltego with my Nano.  Great work, can't say how much this whole community of users and developers have delivered a great tool for we hobbyists.  You have my support and respect, plus some money now and then!   

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Nice one, updates always welcome. I just updated and had a look.
Prob just me but im struggling to understand how to interpret the results Profiling returns - also whats the advantage over Recon? is it just a filtered view of recon? Will there be MAC manufacturer data (OUI) added later? sorry for my (probably stupid) questions.
Had a look in the help file for a read-up but nothing there yet so any advice/explanation welcome - ideally a usage scenario.
Thank you as always for the continued support

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Not sure if this belongs here but I'll ask anyway since it's firmware related.


How difficult would it be to incorporate a sorting for the table headers in recon? For example lets say I wanted to sort highest to lowest in signal strength. RSSI or I wanted to sort it by mac address AA before BB.

Is this something I can do myself within the system's files without violating any of Hak5's terms of use?


Thanks for all the hard work. Great release BTW.

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Quick question. I just received the pineapple here and I did an over-the-air flash. Now I am trying to troubleshoot the issue and I just want to know how would I go about reinstalling this flash from USB, since I can confirm the checksum personally. (since the link is gone in this firmware)


Thanks again for these fun and educational products

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