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Madkat's fun night with 10 Vaults and 4 hours of free time


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7:05: started first can of Vault

7:06 10 Grams of caffeine will most likely kill you... Damn, 10 cans = .75 grams caffeine Not enough to kill me, but supposdily enough to make me buzzed (extremely) Feel like shit and be dehydrated..

(side note. I did this once before by accident with 2 16oz cans of Rockstar: Juiced (if you haven't tried this stuff your missing out!) and I was up for 48 hours straight....) I just realized this is Vault Zero (the low calorie stuff) so I'll only be ingesting 50 Calories in this attempt vs the 1170 in a regular cans of Vault.. (for 10 cans).. According to the "Death by Caffeine" calculator, I'll need to drink 175 cans of Vault to die..

7:15 First can empty. 2nd can opened

7:16.. Called stupid by four people, 2nd can half way empty.

7:30 2nd can empty. 3rd can opened, Loaded up Halo PC

7:40 3rd can empty, 4th can opened. 36 oz finished, slight stomach ache developed

7:45 First pee (If you remember the first Austin Powers Movie, when he was unfrozen when he had his long pee (stage 4 I believe).. yeah I had one of those.)

7:46 Realized this new video card gets me frame rates from 90-110 FPS in Halo PC (and to think I was only getting 25 with the old one!)

7:58 Halo level one finished, 4th can half empty.. I can feel the buzz already!

8:05 4th can finished 5th can opened (Half way done in an hour)

8:07 so hyper I'm shaking like mad... and I'm going to do a Podcast with TechCentric-Nick and Underground 5..... This is going to be interesting..

8:10 Ignite is gay, he posted a link to guys jacking off.... That made me want to loose those 5 cans of Vault

8:23 5th can done. 6th can opened

8:28 This is the 3rd time I peed sofar and I gotta go again.. This sucks!

8:37 Getting sick of the taste of Vault.. I wish I had a few bottles of Bawls around.. or RipIT, but no I don't guess I'm stuck.. Atleast I have a nice tower of empty Vault Cans behind me...

8:45 6th can finished.. I'm slowing down.. 7th can opened and AGAIN I have to pee!

9:07 7th can halfway finished, mom went to bed and the last 2 hours have flew by... Need to pee for the 6th time already and were talking about alohol in the IRC channel..

9:15 Shaking is getting uncontrollable and its hindering my typing.. I can't walk in a straight line.. Is this Vault or is it beer? 7th can finished. 8th can opened and stomach ache pops up again

9:43 8th can finished, 9th can opened

9:47 Shaking continues, getting harder to type.. again and I need to pee AGAIN!

10:01 I am sick of this, the stomach ache is back again and my whole body is shaking, and I'm developing a headache..

10:07 Decided this is my last can of Vault.. I still have to force another half a can down, and I need to pee again.

10:10 Finally start the podcast, and stomach ache is gone.. Mabye I will finish all 10 cans and live in glory saying I'm a fat bastard!

10:26 9th can finished 10th opened

10:52 I am never going to try this test again as long as I live...

11:00 10th can finished.. yay!

11:08 The buzz has worn down already, and I stopped shaking, the stomach ache and headache are gone... Mabye I will sleep tonight.

11:10 the podcast.... finally started 2 hours late but I guess..

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