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results of initial trials with WP

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Posting this here since all the wifipineapple forums are model specific and are focused on helping people with problems.  There does not seem to be anywhere for generic discussion about results etc.   If I have missed somethign then do let me know :)

I now have my nano runnning at work which is in the IT dept of a large university.   Yes, I am allowed to do things like this ;)  Purely passive monitoring at the moment and I have a couple of days worth of logs which I have run through a ruby script which is based on Darren's analyze.sh.  At the moment my script just replicates what Darren's does.  Yes it will be available somewhere public when there is enough additional functionality to make it worthwhile.

Current output:

Top 10 NIC vendors

apple,	157
Unknown	94
samsung	65
intel	20
murata	15
microsoft	15
huawei	10
liteon	7
messma	7
htc	7
motorola	6

Top 10 SSIDs

UoA-WiFi	345
MPI_Guest	51
vodafonesucks5	50
vodafonesucks2	50
Tigger	33
homewlan5	27
eduroam	22
UoA-Guest-WiFi	16
Auckland Wi-Fi @ Tomizone	12
Auckland WiFi	6
Grumpy	5

Distribution of ssids per client

   # SSIDS   #clients
         1        418
         2         25
         3         61
         4          2
         5          6
         6          2
         7          2
         8          2
         9          1
        10          3
        11          1
        12          2
        13          1
        16          4
        17          1

Total number of clients is 531

The only surprise in the vendors is the number of unknown -- I see there are other versions of the IEEE list out there.  I'll give them a try.

The SSIDs are much more interesting.  The two UoA-WiFi are our official networks ( as is eduroam).  We have an arrangement with Tomizone to carry each others SSIDs so that is no surprise but  the rest is somewhat baffling.  I know where one of the "Tiggers" comes from but 25 others ???  I know that vodafone suks but that bad?

I have just added code to the script to dump out the distribution of the number of SSIDs per clients.  That I found unexpected.  Most of the clients are not leaking SSIDs and a few hemorrhage them!  My iphone only showed UoA-WiFi until I deleted it and forced it to reconnect, then Tigger appeared as well but not any of the other one I know to be in the prefered networks list.  Tigger is not a network I join often so why it appeared and not the other I don't know.



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