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will beta 3.0 go stable later on?


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ok, i saw the beta 3.0, installed it, downloaded "site survey" module and made capture/deauth against my test rig... downloading the .cap file and use crunch with aircrack, after 6min it was successfull...everything worked fine, im happy :smile: however tried to submit my .cap to file to onlinehashcrack.com but they didnt like it :sad:

now i was supposed to go on next try out with "wps" module, however. the hole thing went fucked up i guess... :unsure: It was like the hole web-gui stopped working, in one moment all the modules disapear and another time they were not clickable, sometimes after removal they are still avaiable i guess the whole website went down, so i went factory reset, wiped the sd-card and made restart two and a third time when i try to get the little guy stable. Some reading in hak5 forum explains bad sdcard and some say its better to store modules in the internal memory, is that really it?

For the moment it feels kinda buggy, I just wondering if beta on mkv will go stable or if i should downgrade?

oh, and rig a test-wps using virtualbox, have anyone tried setup one?  :smile:

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i have also had this problem, as far as i can see when i try to run or view modules that are installed on sdcard it seems to bottleneck.. taking sd card out sometimes fixed the problem .. other times when i went to manage modules there would be a blank module on my installed list with a remove button and on the download list the button would say update.. however update didnt do anything and formatting the sdcard was all i could really do

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